Criminalistic lab

Who we are

LICRIM is a private organization and is certificated in the process of forensic evidence protocols, in the study of evidence and forensic science application of identification, protection, storage, transfer, technical testing and forensic analysis of hint, evidence and testing process by the ISO 9001. Which also have a select team of professionals, experts and well trained forensic analysts, trained with solid ethical principles and absolute confidentiality in the performance of his functions.

International expertise.

LICRIM gives his services in different areas of South America. They also acted in international judgments.

Professional experts.

LICRIM haves different kind of professionals who are specializes, to give support in the criminalistics areas.

Trust and reserve.

They have a strong ethical formation to gives you absolutely trust and reserve on protocols and confidentiality of agreements.

Proved experience.

More than twenty years of international judgments, and hundreds of process evidence and international trainings.

Actual Technology.

Management evidence protocols.

Lawyers Clients.

LICRIM give complimentary trainings in the informatics science of forensic areas.

Professional Team

Our professional team are in constantly capacitation on security protocols and safety rules for the correctly administration of the evidence. Also have a solid trainings in technical and practical criminalistics disciplines.


ISO 9001:2008

LICRIM is certificated by de ISO 9001:2008 that means, all the process have been fully approved and certificated, formalized and notarized.



All the equipment, tools, and systems are originals and certificated, with the approved licenses, for the correctly investigation work, forensic analysis and development of expert reports.


You can formalize a meeting with us to meet our services, course and legal advice.

Adress: Morande 322 oficina 402
Santiago, Chile.
Cellphone: (+56) 9 82309355.